Here is a perfect guide to Corporate Gifting that recipients won’t resist!

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How do you remember that  customer who made a big difference in your business this year  or how do you recognize that employee who “went above and beyond” in their work? It is that time again when you want  them to know just how much you value their relationship. The right gift can strengthen those bonds, increase their loyalty and gain favor with the particular recipient while promoting your brand.

For us at The Brand Guy & Associates,  we have thought a lot about what makes a successful corporate gifting experience, both for the gift giver and gift recipient. Below, we unpack  corporate gifting elements  that have worked for our clients and these will definitely give a lasting impression so you know they won’t end up in the garbage. Now  you can start giving with confidence.

Branded Apparel

If gifting apparel, it’s important to choose something that the recipient would  love to wear in their personal lives. Having established their preferences you may consider having your corporate logo on apparel like jackets,T-shirts,shirts,caps,sweaters,bottoms, etc.

Branded Drinkware

From elegant brandable wine glasses to trendy double wall steel mugs ,water bottles,travel mugs and flasks,everyday ceramic coffee mugs- the right drinkware can make a lasting impression. Plus, it’s something they can  use all year-round.

Branded  office essentials

For employees who spend most of their time in the office,we believe giving them the best quality office essentials would be a great idea. For example, you can choose among a lot of them,engraved metal pens, professional notebooks, diaries,folders, executive pens and business card holders. Remember you can easily compile all these items and gift them as a gift basket.


You can make your brand  a part of their daily lives with kitchenware. From everyday ceramic coffee mugs to kitchen utensils like salt and pepper shakers,wine and bottle openers,knife and carving sets to single or double wine carriers. These can make a great impact when it comes to brand recall especially among women. The idea  would actually  be very useful for a brand that has women as its primary target audience.

Branded Travel Kits

More so,if you have employees or clients who need to frequently travel for work, a very thoughtful way of corporate gifting  would be to give them a flight kit with all the essentials. Here are  some great suggestions;travel bags,backpacks,conference and messenger bags,bags on wheels etc

Branded Tech Items

Your corporate gifting strategy wont go wrong with these items because you are assured they  carry your name wherever they go. Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones,power banks,USB drives,silicone wristband USB. These are useful items with a high perceived value that your employees or clients might not purchase for themselves.


Promotional calendars are a low cost option to keep-in-touch at the holidays. They actually help keep your message in front of your audience year round.

These gifting ideas have received huge thumbs up from our clients and have been most effective during  festive seasons hence we  believe your clients and employees are going to  love these, resulting in  improved relations.So if you are looking forward to gifting this season get hold of us and we will be glad to work with you in  building your brand relations.

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