Mother’s Day – Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Mother’s Day is upon us again, presenting an opportunity to launch some quick marketing campaigns for your business. Such special days give marketers the opportunity to play off of popular topics and create messages that resonate with the masses.

Here are 9 ways you can pull off Mother’s Day marketing for your small business.

Mother’s Day campaigns are being sent by every brand, so how do you make sure yours stands out? Ensuring you have insight on your customers means not only will you be able to increase your open-rate and encourage them to spend on their mothers but you’ll further attract them to your brand overall.

How do you advance your Mother’s Day campaigns?

To really create memorable Mother’s Day campaigns, they need to feel tailored especially as customers will be shopping with someone else in mind.

  1. Use what you know about shoppers to craft your messages

Determine whether you have a number of gift-shoppers that only shop with you around Mother’s Day. If they’re signed up to your marketing messages, use this information to send them useful content to make sure your campaigns feel truly relevant and engaging.

  1. Add product recommendations

Whether personalized (based on the customer-data available), generic (based on factors such as “top products” or “latest range”), product recommendations remind your customers what your brand has to offer them.

  1. Run 2 for 1 Deals

Even if you don’t offer physical products, find a way to offer special deals on your services, and connect them to Mother’s Day by using the relevant language. Promote your deals on social media for optimal impact and to increase sales.

  1. Add some ‘LOVE’ flair on your Company’s Social media accounts

Help your followers get into the spirit of Mother’s Day by adding some relatable feels on your social media profile images and cover photos (Hint: if you’re running a campaign, you should match your art to any other pieces of marketing collateral). Make sure it’s a Mother’s Day tie-in that allows your brand to still be recognizable but also celebrates the special day!

  1. Ask your followers to share why they love their mothers/what it means to be a mother.

If you are active on social media, ask your audience to share their stories, finding a way to tie in the question with your brand. Be clear that it can also relate to those who have other people who stand as mother figures in their lives (You don’t want to alienate members of your audience). Offer a prize for the best story, but make sure you have the guidelines clearly outline before launching your campaign! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t explicitly ask your audience to like and share your post for extra entries, Facebook is cracking down on these types of posts…did you know?!

  1. Use appropriate and relevant hashtags

Choose a hashtag that is unique and memorable, then include it in your posts and ask your fans to do the same so you can build as much user-generated content as possible. Offer a special prize or offer for the most creative hashtag in a post. If your business doesn’t have a well-known hashtag and you don’t believe that a unique hashtag will have an impact, play off of existing popular hashtags.

  1. Create a lass-minute gift guide

We all know those people who wait until the last minute to buy gifts. Use this to your advantage by offering a last-minute gift guide that includes your products/services and a few others from different sites that are non-competitors. Pick out the well-themed and self-love items and showcase them in a PDF, YouTube video or an Instagram story.

  1. Pair products that work well together

Showcasing two or more products that work well together, can help you increase sales. For example, if you sell jewellery, pair necklaces with earrings or bracelets. If your business sells clothes, show outfits pieces that go well together – and add a Mother’s Day twist with your messaging.

  1. Run a Contest

Running a contest on your social media channels can be fun and beneficial for you and your followers! Focus  on contests that will excite your followers and that will not drain your marketing budget. Keep in mind that your giveaway doesn’t always have to tie back to your business.


Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, make it about making your customers and potential buyers feel special. Then seize the opportunity to capitalize on the next big holiday! Remember, we have got Father’s Day coming up next month, these marketing ideas fit perfectly as well. Good Luck!

Tirivashe Mundondo

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