Use these 3 brand positioning secrets to outsmart competition

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We all  know a brand is  much more than just a logo or its visual elements,hence  building a strong brand positioning statement is often more important, than the product or service itself. However,important to note is that a positioning statement alone isn’t enough,you need to become what your statement claims.

Because you’re in  a crowded market , especially for first-time business owners, it’s easy to get carried away with overcomplicated brand positioning strategies. However,  keeping your sights on the core elements when it comes to creating your brand is what’s most important.

Therefore, lets take a look at some of the simple winning tactics  you can do as a brand to leverage your positioning.

Leveraging your client testimonials

It’s more apparent  that we now live in a testimonial economy where we  no longer listen to what businesses say about themselves. Instead, we go online to learn what other people say about them.

That said, I strongly believe a business owner  looking for a creative agency to provide digital marketing services  would first go online. Trust me they would obviously check following but most importantly the reviews of any of the agencies on their list. Influenced by the comments, he/she is  in a better position to make a more informed  decision.

And yes, apart from online reviews another  wise idea would be to create case studies. These show exactly how  your product or service changed someone’s life. By enhancing your testimonials with  case studies that provide more than just a claim,these tend to provide the much needed evidence.

So as a business owner, if you’re serious about building a successful brand that bows to no competition,consider leveraging the testimonial economy .

As you build a community of ambassadors ready to share their love of your brand online, essentially you’re laying out a powerful brand positioning statement that is communicating your brand’s unique value to your customers.

Speaking their language

Ofcourse , we get tempted to define our brands by using marketing words or industry jargon . But worth to consider is how your prospect sitting in a restaurant speaks to their partner/friend while enjoying their meal.

Are they using words like “alignment, collaboration or engagement?” More likely they are saying, “We can’t get enough information, no one cares if we fail to install these units, ”

With this in mind,you then have  to use  what they say in your branding materials ,website or your blog. Deliver the information they need in a way they can relate .That way,they would  feel like you’re one of them and concerned.However,your tone depends on the type of your audience or customers so you then  have to understand them very well.

As you may have noticed ,business writing often uses big words and long sentences. But in real life, nobody utilizes things. They use things.Nobody goes out to arrange for the repair of their car. They go to get their car fixed. If you can  appreciate this and use it to your advantage then you no longer have to worry about competition.

So the big idea is to have your communications resonate well with your audience.  This ultimately  increases your brand recall  and positioning.

Being known for a specific niche

Finding your niche market isn’t always easy. In fact, you don’t always “find” your niche market. Sometimes it finds you. But as i like to say,you need to”find” a niche within your niche.

So here you start fine-tuning  your marketing to focus on a specific demographic of customers or products and services that you offer. Simply put, you’re choosing to play with your strengths highlighting them to the people with whom they will resonate the most.

Being specific allows you to be memorable and become the best in your niche. As an example, a social media marketer may direct his services  to  small construction companies that specialize in  road construction within Harare. Whilst a law firm may want to direct their criminal law services to big corporates in the energy and mining sector in Zimbabwe.

So as you can see, you are trying not to be that business that offers everything to everyone. Your brand can become the only solution known to your target market if you leverage your positioning.

I would like to know what you think in the comments section and if you feel that these strategies can improve your brand positioning hence need help  implementing,don’t hesitate to say hello.

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